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Soil preparation

Liquid and solid fertilization





Specific Solutions

Verion has helped assisting farmers in reaching high levels of productivity and quality in their plantations by collaborating on specific solutions to the problem, always meeting the technological level and needs of each producer.
In the implementation of the mechanized cafetal a perfect alignment can be achieved through the use of the autopilot, and could even plan the lines previously in the workshop and import them into the onboard computer.
For the sake of your choice we have a specific solution for the functions of generating the georeferenced contour of the areas, defining the square grid and automatically creating the collection points directly in the field. In addition to a navigation system that guides the data collector there is the point of the earth.

High levels of productivity

In fertilization we can control all applications of granulated, liquid, organic and corrective fertilizers. The control guarantees the precision of the dose independent of the variation of the speed of the machine, being able to realize the application to fixed rate or varied rate.
By controlling the valves of the sprayers or atomizers, high precision and durability are achieved, we can perform applications at a fixed rate regardless of speed. Section cutting was also adjusted specifically for perennial crops, allowing closure on already applied streets and outside area.
Finally in the harvest, we carry out the complete management of the productive and unproductive times of the harvesters, as well as the monitoring of the harvested area, the number of loaded carts and the harvest index.
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• Planning of planting lines and use of the autopilot.
• Soil sampling management.
• Control of all applications of fixed or variable rate fertilizers.
• Accuracy of the dose independent of the speed variation.
• Specific spray command for atomizers.
• Complete management of combines and transshipments.
• Harvested area, number of reels loaded and harvest index.


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