Sugar cane
Optimized resources, poor efficiency and quality in all its operations

Soil preparation

Liquid and solid fertilization





Specific solutions

Verion develops solutions that allow obtaining a high managerial level in the sugarcane culture, always focusing on the constant concern with the quality and performance of operations. We have developed implements and control tools, registration in specific PA for sugarcane, continuously seeking innovation and the integral vision of all field processes. We also manufacture special implements such as fertilizers incorporating up to 3 NPK products, liquid for vinasses, and many others are part of a complete range of solutions that Verion offers for cane.

General information

The soil sampling can be completely managed and optimized with a specific tool, which allows to outline the areas, the sample grid, the collection points and still provides a navigation system that guides the collector to the sampling point.

In sowing we can simultaneously control the application of up to five inputs, both solid and liquid, and also make the automation of the supply of the planter. The sowing and driving of the cane field, can be done with the perfect alignment through the use of the autopilot, being able to even plan the lines previously in the office and import them into the on-board computer.

In fertilization we can control all applications of granulated, liquid, organic and corrective fertilizers. The control guarantees the accuracy of the dose independent of the variation of the speed of the machine, and can still be applied at a fixed rate or varied rate.

By controlling the spray valves of sprayers or atomizers, high precision and durability are achieved, we can perform applications at a fixed rate regardless of speed. Section cutting was also adjusted specifically for perennial crops, allowing closure on already applied streets and outside area.

The application of vinasses can be done with precise alignment through the autopilot or the light bar, and still do the monitoring and management of the reels on the on-board computer itself. For this application we also have the subsoil depth control and dose control.

Finally in the harvest, we carry out the complete management of the productive and unproductive times of the harvesters and transshipments, as well as the monitoring of the production, of the harvested area and of the number of loaded carts, closing the entire cycle and guaranteeing the traceability of the harvest . We also have the harvest monitor and autopilot, as well as the option of applying post-emergent at the same time of the harvest.

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  • Management of the world of suelo.
  • Planning of planting lines and use of autopilot.
  • Control of all applications of allowances to tasa is the tasa variable.
  • Precision of the dose independent of the speed variation.
  • Alignment for application of vats and management of trailers.
  • Complete management of catchers and transhipments.
  • Subsoil depth monitor.
  • Productivity monitor, covered area and number of loaded trailers.


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