Delivering the best performance

We are AGRITAURO, we started in the year 2000 with the development of machinery for precision agriculture and the insertion of this technology in the Latin American market.

Now we seek to satisfy the increasingly demanding on needs of the agricultural sector by developing solutions based on three pillars: MACHINERY - CONTROL AND QUALITY OF THE APPLICATION - AGRICULTURAL MANAGEMENT, thus guaranteeing total integration in all activities of the agricultural cycle.

We offer band and double plate fertilizers for powders and granules.

Mechanical and hydraulic, with different drives and speed ratios.

Shielded bearings.


Profitability and long service life: thanks to its operation with interchangeable parts.

Welcome to the AGRITAURO age!

Agricultural machines

Suitable for Fertilization, Spraying and Sowing

Excellent price, financeable

The best verifiable value for money on the market.

Quality guarantee

Even up to 2 years*

Precise distribution

Applicable to the best Precision Agriculture VERION


Our vision is to be recognized as an industry leader, providing decisive quality tools for agricultural production.


Market and develop agricultural solutions that facilitate the day-to-day and productive growth for our clients.