Fertilizer planter with or without precision carriage
Capacity 2000 l

Accurate applications with quality and efficiency

Robust and simple design, low maintenance

Fixed rate or variable dosage application


  • Designed to make precise applications with quality and efficiency.
  • Reinforced chassis made of steel tube.
  • Product dosage through endless screws.
  • Keeps the dose constant regardless of speed, achieving uniform applications.
  • Available with orientable casing for band-focused applications or for total application as needed.
  • Steel, stainless steel or plastic hopper.
  • Various types of trail and rolled.
  • Adaptable to any crop.

Sowing, rice and pastures.
Applies at a fixed or variable rate.
A new concept to achieve precision at a low cost.


  • Application width from 20 to 36 meters in total application.
  • Gimbal drive and computer controlled hydraulic system.
  • Bidisco distribution system with 2 or 4 pallets.
  • Remover device with hydraulic drive.
  • 1.6 m trail (optional up to 2.10m).
  • Two versions of supply with or without cart for three-point application.
The version 2 products (2P) allows to apply simultaneously 2 products in the same pass, varying the proportions independently according to your need.
The hopper is divided into two compartments, one for dusts / granules and the other only for granules, thus allowing to apply powder + granules or 2 granules.

Total capacity:
750 + 350 Liters Minimum
1250 + 800 Liters Maximum


Computer with 7-inch touch screen and a GPS


Extra image for products maps

Extra image for products maps