GRIV 9000 Band Fertilizer
9000 kg · Single applying 1 or 2 products

Accurate applications with quality and efficiency

Robust and simple design, low maintenance

Fixed rate or variable dosage application

Suitable for dry powders, granules or organics. Adaptable to any culture.


• Designed to perform accurate applications with quality and efficiency. It has a robust and simple design that requires little maintenance.
• Reinforced chassis, stamped sheet steel.
• Dosage of the product through a rubber mat with adjustable gate. For the dosing of the second product by volumetric dispenser.
• Fixed rate or variable dosing application, computer controlled according to the map.
• Adjustable orienters or focusers for in-band applications.
• Can be used to plant rice and pastures.
• Box and all parts in direct contact with fertilizer, stainless steel.


• Uniform and variable application width from 12 to 36 m.
• The only machine on the market that can vary the speed of cymbals by computer, ensuring excellent uniformity across application widths.
• Once the machine has been calibrated, the dose can be varied without having to change the height of the tailgate.
• The computer displays the level of product remaining in the box in real time.
• 2 or 4 palette bidisc distribution system, depending on the application type.
• Independent hydraulics, not dependent on tractor pump

Capacity 4,800 kg
Dose of granulated urea 50 to 1,000 Kg / Ha
Power Required 75 - 100 HP
Trail 1.8 mt and 2.1 mts
Seesaw - Covers 11 L 16
Wheeled 14.9 - 24 - Rhombus - High Floatation
Wheeled 12.4 - 36 - Row Harvest
Wheeled 500/60 R22.5 - High Floatation
Unladen weight and varies by bearing type 1860 kg approx.

Mechanical pattern
Mechanical fixed dose: drive of gimbal plates from the tractor PTO and dose control by mechanical copying wheel.

Flat Rate Mix
Drive of gimbal plates from the tractor power take-off and electro-hydraulic dose control using tractor hydraulic system, with cell phone control via bluetooth.

Variable Rate Mixing
Drive cardan plates from the tractor power take-off and electro-hydraulic dose control using the tractor hydraulic system with the Vcom computer.
Hydraulic variable rate
With independent hydraulic drive to drive variable speed cymbals and electro-hydraulic dose control band with Vcom computer, lightbar guide included.


It allows to simultaneously apply 2 products in the same pass, varying the proportions independently according to your need.
The box is divided into two compartments, one for dust / granules and the other for granules only, thus allowing to apply powder + granules or 2 granules. The use of dust + granules is ideal for localized applications or up to 18 meters working width.

Electronic scale
Automatic pilot
Roll up canvas
Adjustable rocker
Organic kit
Calibration Test Kit
Internal grid for fertilizer filtration

VCOM / FERT Compatible computer with all our AP solutions

Multi-function 7 inch touch screen computer ensures high application accuracy regardless of tractor moving speed for uniform batch dosing.

You can also run variable rate applications with prescription maps. Generates activity log maps with detailed work schedules, stop, transfer, speed, applied dose and others for further analysis.


Extra image for products maps

Extra image for products maps