Fertilizer for 1 to 3 products NPK, for three points

Accurate applications with quality and efficiency

Robust and simple design, low maintenance

Fixed rate or variable dosage application


Hopper capacity: 400. 400 670 L
Weight: Equipment without fertilizer load: 1400Kg
Equipment with fertilizer load: 3000Kg
Total fertilizer load volume: 1470 L (approx. 1600Kg)
Extras: Applicator disk. Rolo Disk harrow

Two-axis tool-holder chassis consisting of tubes made of folded sheet with internal reinforcements.
It has 4 parabolic type scarifiers with changeable tip placed on the front tool-holder shaft.
Escardillo shaper of groove, is located in the back of the fertilizer, performs a work of superficial removal and shaping of the entresurco.
Min power required 140/160 HP.

* Ask about the different types of subsoil accessories, spikes, rollers, side disks, according to your needs.
* Consult by specific catalog.


Composed of two hoppers available in:
•    Stainless steel.
• Carbon steel with double anti-corrosive treatment, corrosion resistant paint and UV rays.
• Plastic.

Double hopper
Product Volume:
A = 670 L
B = 400 L
A + B = 1070 L

Single hopper
Product Volume:
C = 400 L


With antenna