Liquid Fertilizer Cerrito for 2000 and 3000 l, for three points

Accurate applications with quality and efficiency

Robust and simple design, low maintenance

Fixed rate or variable dosage application



  • Tank capacity: 3000 L
  • Tank: Stainless steel AISI 304 of 3 mm of thickness.
  • Membrane pump: 50 cm3 and max. 60 bar of pressure.
  • Equipment weight without fertilizer load: 1400 Kg
  • Weight with fertilizer load: 5160 Kg
  • Structural support chassis.
  • Tank for liquid fertilizer.
  • 2 Soportes y moorings for tank.
  • 4 fertilizer spreaders (delanteros).
  • 2 scarifiers without application of fertilizer (back).
  • 2 furrow conforming escardillos.
  • Membrane pump 260 L / Min fertilizer dosage.
  • Hydraulic motor for pump control (with associated hydraulic and electronic system).
  • Exclusive flow divider system and anti-tear system.

* See specific catalog


Chassis: It consists of a frame of the hermetic frames made up of tubes formed of a plate with internal reflections, as well as an extreme resistance to cover the demands of work. This is equipped with 3-point hooks of category 3.

Scarifiers: The equipment consists of 4 parabolic scarifiers with an interchangeable pestle placed in the herring holder holders prepared for the incorporation of liquid fertilizer. The work elements are 30 cm deep performing an unpacking of the surface covers without altering the surface of the surface. A mounting system according to the distance between spike and application from the planting line is possible. In addition, 2 scarifiers are added in the rear tool holder with a fertilizer incorporation located at an average distance between the two of them by carrying out a decompression work that also results in the opening generated by the scarifiers of the previous application.

Fertilizer tank: Built in stainless steel AISI 304 with a thickness of 3 mm with internal cap, inspection cover, accessories and people for fertilizer and self-loading. The same has a maximum capacity of 3000 l. Supported by 3 supports with sunning system for the adjustment and soil destruction. Possibility to increase capacity by measuring another tank with a capacity of 1500 l of similar characteristics on the front of the tractor. Also available in rotational molded plastic.

Membrane Piston Pump: The equipment is equipped with a pump for application and dosing of maximum flow rate fertilizer 260 l / min driven by a hydraulic motor and electronically controlled (in the manual setting) to achieve the different application rates that make the most practical. and regulation accuracy.


Computer with 7 '' tactile touchscreen and a precision GPS that allows a constant application independent of the tractor's speed of deployment achieving a uniform dosage in the batch. Also it is possible to realize applications to the varied table with maps of prescription. Generates activity log maps where you can find work, stop, transfer, speed, dosing and other times for further analysis.

* Request catalog of computer Vcom 7.0