Fertilizer for 1 or 2 products
Capacity 2250 to 4000 l

Accurate applications with quality and efficiency

Robust and simple design, low maintenance

Fixed rate or variable dosage application

Suitable for powders, granules or dried organic. Adaptable to any crop.


  • Designed to make precise applications with quality and efficiency.
  • Reinforced chassis made of steel pipe.
  • Dosing of product through band.
  • Maintain constant dosing regardless of speed, achieving uniform applications.
  • Orientable embusers for band-focused applications or also for full application as needed.
  • Lapping the stainless steel
  • Various types of trunk, swinging system
  • Apply the table fija the variable
  • Novelty concept for achieving a low cost.
  • Hydraulic and independent


  • Application ring from 20 to 36 meters.
  • Two-disc distribution system of 2 ó 4 palettes.
  • Trunk 1.8 - 2.1 meters.

The version 2 products (2P) allows to apply simultaneously 2 products in the same pass, varying the proportions independently according to your need. The hopper is divided into two compartments, one for powders / granules and the other only for granules, allowing powder + granules or 2 granules to be applied.


7 inch touch screen computer with GPS
of precision that allows a constant application independent of the speed of unloading the tractor achieving a uniform dosage in the batch. Also it is possible to realize applications to the varied table with maps of prescription.
Generates activity log maps where you can find work, stop, transfer, speed, dosing and other times for further analysis.
Control - Quality - Efficiency


Extra image for products maps

Extra image for products maps