Griv 10.0 Band Fertilizar Spreader, Capacity 1000 l

Accurate applications with quality and efficiency

Robust and simple design, low maintenance

Fixed rate or variable dosage application


  • Designed to make precise applications with quality and efficiency. It has a robust and simple design, which makes it require low maintenance.
  • Reinforced chassis, made of stamped steel sheet.
  • Product dosage through a volumetric dispenser.
  • Application at fixed rate or Variable dosage, computer controlled according to map.
  • Casing kit or adjustable focusers for band-focused applications.
  • It can be used for planting rice and pastures.
  • Hopper and all parts in direct contact with the fertilizer, in stainless steel.


  • Uniform and variable application width from 12 to 36 m.
  • The only machine on the market that can vary the speed of the dishes by computer, guaranteeing excellent uniformity in all application widths.
  • Once the machine is calibrated, the dose can be varied without having to change the height of the tailgate.
  • The computer indicates in real time the level of product contained within the hopper.
  • Bidisco distribution system with 2 or 4 pallets, depending on the type of application.
  • Independent hydraulics, without having to depend on the tractor pump.

Mechanical standard

Fixed dose mechanics: drive plates with gimbal from the tractor PTO and dose control by mechanical copy wheel.

Fixed rate mix
Gimbal plate drive from the tractor PTO and electrohydraulic dose control using tractor hydraulics, with mobile phone control via bluetooth.

Variable Rate Mix
Gimbal plate drive from the tractor PTO and electrohydraulic dose control using tractor hydraulics, with Vcom computer.

Hydraulic variable rate
With independent hydraulic central for variable speed plate drive and electro-hydraulic dose control belt with Vcom computer, satellite flag included.


It allows 2 products to be applied simultaneously in the same pass, varying the proportions independently according to your need. The hopper is divided into two compartments, one for powders / granules and the other only for granules, allowing powder + granules or 2 granules to be applied. The use of powders + granules is ideal for localized applications or up to 18 meters wide.


  • Electronic scale
  • Autopilot
  • Roll up canvas
  • Adjustable rocker
  • Organic kit
  • Test kit for calibration
  • Inner fence for fertilizer filtering.


Computer with 7-inch touch screen with multiple functions guaranteeing great precision of application independent of the speed of movement of the tractor achieving a uniform dosage in the batch. It is also possible to make variable rate applications with prescription maps. It generates activity log maps where it details work times, stop, transfer, speed, applied dose and others for later analysis.


Extra image for products maps

Extra image for products maps